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Loyd's Training Solutions, LLC is a family-owned company with 20 years of experience in the security, and public safety industry!


Loyd’s Training Solutions is a Licensed Training academy in the State of Georgia with certified instructors certified by the Georgia Secretary of state professional licensing division The Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies. They offer Security and Private investigation companies affordable training solutions for their employees as well as offer courses to individuals in-person and online via their 24/7self study e-learning platform.

All students who enroll to become prospective Security Officers must successfully complete their basic Security Officer Training course, which is modeled on state-approved standard curriculums. This course covers the basic skills required to succeed in their role, including patrolling, emergency response procedures, law, and fire safety, in addition to numerous other topics.

All students at Loyd’s Training Solutions receive advanced training making them ready to work in the field. Our training academy also offers a job board on which licensed security companies can post their open positions. Trained students can apply to those companies upon completion of their state-mandated courses and step into the field.

Loyd’s Training Solutions uses the most advanced and up-to-date methods of documenting and delivering specialized orientation and training. It is this type of dedication that has earned Loyd’s Training Solutions a good reputation as a training organization within the security industry. With the current global pandemic, online courses being offered by Loyd’s Training Solutions are a great option for students as it helps them educate themselves without risking their health and of the ones around them.  

As part of their company’s commitment to the ongoing training and education of their students, they have created a safety and security-based course curriculum that is unmatched anywhere else in the security industry. They believe that education is the basis of a highly skilled security team, which is why they leave no stone unturned while training their students. By ensuring that ongoing training is a pre-requisite for advancement, they enable their students to expand their horizons through additional training. For people who want verifiable and guaranteed services in security officer training, then Loyd’s Training Solutions is the right choice. Other than Security Officer Training, Loyd’s Training has launched Private Investigator training as well. Our academy has recently attained the license to start training men and women in the principles of investigation. Interested students will learn how to conduct quick, efficient investigations, build airtight cases that can withstand legal challenges in court, and begin building their reputation as a professional and ethical PI.  

Working as a private investigator is interesting, exciting, and intriguing, which makes it one of the most popular careers for men and women today. Even with today’s struggling economy, there is no downturn for PIs. The escalation in crimes, fraud, and identity theft means a high demand in the job market for skilled, properly trained PIs. One can either become a specialist and focus their expertise exclusively on areas such as criminal defense, product liability, insurance fraud, and accident reconstruction, or they can become a generalist and work cases ranging from marital/custody to skip-tracing to high-tech intelligence gathering for multi-national corporations. 

Loyd’s Training Solutions teaches their students all the essential skills that they need to become qualified private investigators. With study and training, people can turn their passion into an exciting new career and begin solving cases. Very few careers have such short but effective training programs. Today, most worthwhile careers require years of education and training and then offer only limited opportunities to enter the field after graduation. With Loyd’s Training Solutions, trainees can immediately apply their new skills to a new career in private investigation.

Education and training are the cornerstones of responsible firearms ownership at Loyd’s Training Solutions, which is why they focus on simplistic and concise student training. The absolute best place to start the journey into firearms is with their firearms training course where trainees can learn to be safe, comfortable, and confident shooters. They can further improve their skills such as drawing from a concealed holster and engaging multiple targets to be the best in the field. At Loyd's Training Solutions, they believe in teaching relevant, real-world applications and experiences rather than just textbook study. 


Steve Loyd is a retired Fire Captain and security manager with 20 years of experience in the security and public safety field.  At the early age, Capt. Loyd entered the fire service straight from high school and climbed his way up the ranks to Training Captain. Capt. Loyd's career in the security industry as been from a security officer to a regional  manager overseeing multi-million dollar security firms, and is currently a multi-state certified classroom and firearms instructor.  Capt. Loyd's accomplishments in both fields have earned him respect among his peers, and multiple certifications and awards.         



Steve Loyd | Director of Operations and Chief Instructor